Best Gift Cards To Send Via Email | eGift Card Ideas

Electronic gift cards are the perfect gift in a pinch. Unfortunately, not all online gift cards are created equally. In this article, we’ll break down the best online gift cards for all types.

How To Choose The Best Electonic Gift Cards

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Buying an e-gift card online can be a thoughtful gift that’s convenient for everybody. To choose the best electronic gift card, it’s important to know the person who is receiving the gift. E-gift cards are available for a number of stores, so there is no shortage of options. Consider what the person typically buys online or spends their money on. Do they buy a lot of clothing or love technology? Yes. This type of information is a great sign. First of all, you can narrow down the type of e-gift card you’re searching for. In addition, these are both categories people can be extremely selective about. Things like the style of clothing people prefer will vary greatly. We all want to buy an exciting gift, but it’s difficult to know people’s exact preferences for everything.

Those are just a few reasons why e-gift cards are so convenient. These online gift card options are also perfect for people that do not want to deal with a crowd of people in the mall. Once you’ve narrowed down their interest in your friend or loved one, can you be more exact? If they love fashion, what brand do they wear the most? If they love the GAP or Banana Republic, consider buying a digital gift card from those stores. Do they love technology? Consider an Apple gift card if they love Apple products. Or a Best Buy gift card if they love technology in general. Don’t forget about services and subscriptions too. Those are some of the best gift cards to send via email. They only extend the life and enjoyment of the gift for the recipient.

Best Gift Cards To Send Via Email

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When you purchase a e-gift cards, you want the recipient to be excited. Sure. Visa gift cards are like cash. There is still more excitement associated with a specific store or product. That’s why we’ve picked the best e-gift cards based on the interest of the gift recipient. These are all virtual gift cards you can send via email for the ultimate convenience.

Best E-Gift Card Overall

Amazon E-Gift Cards

Getting an Amazon gift card to send via email is essentially like handing them cash. You can access thousands of products instantly on Amazon. They can buy anything they want from the latest tech gadgets or accessories to basic household appliances. While it might not seem the most thoughtful gift, it’s extremely convenient. It’s also a great choice for people who are hard to shop for. With an Amazon e-gift card, they’ll have more choices than ever with minimal shipping delays.

Best E-Gift Card For Music Lovers

Spotify Gift Card

Purchasing a Spotify membership is perfect for those who love listening to music. Spotify is available for free, but you’ll have to sit through adds and forgo key features. Treat someone with the gift of music with a Spotify digital gift card. It’s available in multiple designs and with convenient email delivery to the recipient. While Spotify is the most popular of the music streaming services, electronic gift cards from Tidal and Apple Music are available too.

Best E-Gift Card For Food Lovers

Goldbelly Gift Card

Goldbelly is one of the best gift cards you can by for foodies. On, you will find some of the best food from all around the country. Cookies, cake, nachos, seafood, BBQ, and more. You name the food and you can find it on Goldbelly. The most popular restaurants sell their best dishes and ship them to be enjoyed in the home. It’s really paradise for a food lover. A DoorDash gift card is also a good idea for those who want to try local restaurants.

Best E-Gift Card For Tech Lovers

Best Buy Gift Card

For your tech-savvy friend or loved one, an electronic gift card from Best Buy might be the best choice. There is not shortage of websites to buy technology from online. Best Buy is a retailer with the benefit of an in-store presence with numerous products on display. This is a lifesaver for a tech lover. It can be nerve wracking to make a large purchase online. In addition, it’s important to test out items like a laptop or television purpose.

Best E-Gift Card For Tech Lovers

GameStop Gift Card

Gamestop is the clear winner for the best e-gift card for gamers. You can find an e-gift card for multiple websites that have games you can buy online. That’s because everybody sells games. Gamestop sets itself apart with great deals and used gaming equipment. Gamers often rotate through many games. Being able to buy used games can save a lot of money. Used games, controllers, and gaming consoles are not only expensive. They can be surprisingly difficult to buy online. In addition to this, Gamestop has great deals on new games plus a popular rewards program.