Best Gifts Under $50 for 2023

Below you’ll find our top gift ideas for less than $50. These are great for any shoppers looking for the ideal gift on a budget.

We’ve broken down our guide based on the type of person you’ll be shopping for. If you want to see our famous gift finder for this price range, you can also skip to the end of the article.

Gift Ideas For Tech Lovers

Fire TV Stick

Fire TV Stick with Alexa [Draft]

Imagine curling up on a lazy Sunday, commanding your TV with Alexa Voice Remote to instantly play the newest binge-worthy show on Netflix. The Fire TV Stick, 50% more potent than its predecessor, delivers in Full HD. Want to switch to live sports or the evening news? It’s a button click away. Music lovers can groove to beats on Amazon Music or Spotify. The immersive Dolby Atmos audio makes every scene pulsate with life. Easy to set up, this gift packs an entertainment punch!

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Tile Trackers [2 Pack]

Tile Mate 2-Pack

Ever fumbled for keys when late, or misplaced a backpack? Enter the Tile Bluetooth Trackers, a tech lover’s safeguard against lost items. Fasten them to your essentials, ring the Tile via the app when within range, or check its last known location. Misplaced your phone? A quick button press on the Tile beckons it. With compatibility across Android, iOS and smart home devices, plus water-resistance and a 3-year battery life, this 2-pack gift means less time searching, more time enjoying.

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Anker 65W Fast Charger

Anker 65W 4 Port Fast Charger

Gift the power of swift, efficient charging with the 65W Anker Fast Charger. Picture a tech lover easily juicing up a MacBook Air or Dell XPS 13, while simultaneously charging three other devices. This ultra-slim charger, packed with gallium nitride instead of silicon, doesn’t sacrifice power for compactness. It delivers high-speed charging across devices with Anker’s PowerIQ 3.0 technology. A detachable power cord and 18-month worry-free guarantee makes this the ultimate present for a power-hungry gadget enthusiast.

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Echo Dot Smart Speaker

Echo Dot (5th Gen, 2022)

You’re cozy in bed, your Echo Dot Smart Speaker softly narrating an audiobook from Amazon Music, or perhaps belting out your favorite playlist from Spotify. Need a weather update, or a giggle from Alexa’s humor? Just ask. The LED display serves as a handy clock, alarm, and more. Tap it for a snooze. With voice and routine controls, your home adjusts to your comfort. Coupled with sustainability efforts and solid privacy protections, it’s a tech lover’s dream gift.

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Gift For Those Who Like Adventure

Survival Kit Gift Set

Survival Kit Gift Set

For the thrill-seeker in your life, this survival kit is the ultimate gift. Ideal for anyone with a thirst for adventure, from boy scouts to experienced outdoorsmen, it combines 14 essential tools into a compact, 0.9-pound box. Small enough to tuck into a car or backpack, it’s a sturdy companion for camping or hiking. Offering more than just practicality, this survival kit makes for a thoughtful gift, expressing your care for their safety and their passion for exploring the great outdoors.

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Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Bottle

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Bottle with Flex Cap

For your adventurous loved one, a Hydro Flask bottle is the perfect companion. Crafted with 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel, it ensures durability and pure taste with no flavor transfer. With TempShield insulation, their drinks stay cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. Thanks to a leakproof Flex Cap and handy strap, it’s easy to carry on any adventure. Plus, its dishwasher-safe, vibrant powder coat, and compatibility with most backcountry water filters make it a practical and stylish gift.

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Venture Pal Backpack

Venture Pal 40L Backpack

Gift your adventurous friend a Venture Pal Backpack that effortlessly merges function with convenience. Designed with a unique wet pocket for storing sweaty gear separately, and crafted from robust, water-resistant nylon fabric, this backpack is built to last. It folds into its own pocket for compact storage and provides abundant comfort with breathable mesh shoulder straps. With 40L storage, multi-compartments, and easy tool-carrying capacity, it’s the ideal companion for hiking, camping, and traveling adventures.

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Gifts For Creative Types

GenCrafts Watercolor Set & Paper

GenCrafts Watercolor Set & Paper

Give a gift that allows others to unleash their creativity with a 48-color premium watercolor set. Carefully crafted for vivid color blending, this set pairs perfect pigments with flexible nylon brush tips for both bold and intricate strokes. Enjoy bonus additions of a 15-sheet paper pad and two refillable blending brush pens. Convenient, portable, and mess-free, this set is a joy to use for any level of experience. You can also paint anywhere with ease using the handy storage case.

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XPPen StarG640 Drawing Tablet

Drawing Tablet XPPen StarG640

A perfect tool for digital creativity, it offers an unparalleled pen-on-paper feel. With battery-free stylus technology, it ensures fluid sketches without interruptions. Ideal for remote learning or work, it interacts seamlessly with various applications. Impressively compact, it’s ready for on-the-move creativity. With 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, each stroke echoes the hand’s true intent. Compatible with Chromebook and crucial Microsoft Office programs, it’s the perfect companion for innovative minds

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Painting Set & Wooden Easel

Painting Set with Wooden Easel

Gift the creative spirit a journey to mastery with this exceptional 21-piece oil painting set. Immerse in 12 vibrant oil-based colors and tailor each stroke with an array of brushes. Rest the muse on the sturdy, adjustable H-frame easel, perfectly holding the triple-primed canvas. All tools, safe and acid-free, stimulate creativity while offering peace of mind.

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Gift Ideas For Students

IRIS USA Craft Organizers and Storage

IRIS USA Craft Organizers and Storage

The 3-Drawer Supply Cart serves as an excellent gift for students, promising an organized space for their diverse needs. It’s a versatile companion, storing anything from stationery to craft materials, fitting effortlessly under a desk or in a dorm room. With optional wheels, this cart promises mobility or secure placement as needed. Crafted in the USA from durable, recyclable materials, it embodies a commitment to sustainability. The smooth-gliding drawers, secured with stops, ensure easy access while safeguarding items from accidental spills. It’s an eco-friendly route to a clutter-free study space.

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Black+Decker Coffee Maker

Black+Decker CM1160B 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, Black/Stainless Steel

Gift a student the BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker, a perfect blend of speed and functionality. With QuickTouch Programming and 24-hour auto brew feature, it provides a seamless coffee-making experience. It’s engineered with Sneak-A-Cup Technology for an interruption-free brew, and a 2-Hour Auto Shutoff for safety. The Easy-View Water Window and digital clock add convenience to coffee preparation. This coffee maker, with its large rubberized controls and washable brew basket, offers both reliability and efficiency — a student’s faithful ally for late-night studies and early-morning classes.

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Topcee Weighted Blanket

Topcee Weighted Blanket

As a gift for a student, a weighted blanket is a thoughtful gesture of comfort and care. Proven to promote a sense of calm and enhance sleep quality, it’s an ideal tool for students navigating the rigors of academic life. It not only helps create a serene environment for deep, restorative sleep but also provides a comforting embrace during late-night study sessions. This thoughtful gift could be a student’s secret weapon for reducing stress and increasing productivity in their scholarly pursuits.

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Healthy-Conscious Gift Ideas

Amazfit Band 5

Amazfit Band 5 Activity Fitness Tracker

The Amazfit Band 5 fitness tracker is an incredible gift idea for a health-conscious individual. With Amazon Alexa integration, a two-week battery life, and the ability to monitor blood oxygen levels, it’s perfect for tracking wellness and exercise data. Its 24/7 heart rate and sleep tracking offer insights into overall health while 11 sports modes make workout tracking a breeze. It even offers women’s health tracking for menstrual cycle monitoring. This water-resistant, smart fitness companion pairs with Android and iOS devices, making health management more accessible and efficient.

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Verilux Happy Light Therapy Light

Verilux® HappyLight®

Gift the Verilux HappyLight to healthy individuals to illuminate their lives in a profound way. Its UV-free, full-spectrum LED light provides up to 10,000 lux, mimicking natural sunlight to boost mood, energy, and focus, while improving sleep patterns. The evenly distributed light ensures a flicker-free, glare-free experience. Compact and easy to transport, the HappyLight is perfect for anyone seeking to combat winter blues, shift work effects, or sunlight deprivation. It’s the gift that brings a bright boost to everyday life.

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Healthy Snack Care Package

Healthy snack Care Package

The Healthy Snack Care Package is an energizing gift for health-conscious individuals. Brimming with over 2.5 lbs of nutritious bars, fruit snacks, and other tasty nibbles, this abundant box caters to all cravings, making it perfect for college students, office meetings, or fitness enthusiasts. Practical yet thoughtful, it doubles as a fantastic care package for military personnel, family, and friends.

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Selecting The Best Gift Under $50

Navigating the vast ocean of gift possibilities can be daunting, especially when the budget is capped at $50. Yet, each of these exquisite finds demonstrates how imagination and thoughtfulness can outshine any price tag. From enticing fitness gadgets to cozy home accents, each gift under $50 stirs up joy while seamlessly blending into the recipient’s life, enhancing their everyday experiences. Remember, it’s the sentiment behind the gift that truly matters. In this modest price range, you’ll discover countless ways to share love, surprise, and delight.

Looking for more gift ideas at this price point? With our gift finder below, you can review all the products we’ve reviewed in this price range to find just the ideal gift.

Gift Finder for Gift Ideas Under $50

Scientific Explorer Kids Kit

The activities are fun and more importantly create a good foundation of scientific knowledge. This Scientific Explorer Kit will help kids learn and foster curious minds in a way that few toys can.

SHANY Cosmetic Eyeshadow Palette

With up 88 total colors, this set is enough to keep make up lovers busy for awhile. It’s also full of natural, everyday colors and perfect for layering and highlighting.


Battleship With Planes

As a board game, Battleship with Planes provides a way to boost critical and strategic thinking skills in a fun package. Kids will pick up the rules pretty easily after a few games.

Command Display Ledges

These Command Ledges stick to your wall and support up to 2 pounds of weight. Great for a housewarming, they give any room a modern look without damaging walls.


AstroAI Tire Inflator & Pressure Gauge

Optimal tire pressure is important for gas mileage and performance. This is an affordable tool to make sure you’re tires are always properly inflated.


Wahl Clipper Pro Mens Haircut Kit

Every man could use an update to their grooming tools. This kit includes quality clippers, guide combs and cleaning equipment. Home haircuts are easy with this set.

Magic Bullet Blender

The Magic Bullet is a nifty little gadget. It’s small but packs power to blend and act as a food processor. The provided cups also allow you to easily grab your creations and go.