Good Gifts Under $25 [2021]

Good Gifts for Under $25 [2021]

Below you’ll find our top picks for less than $25. These are great for any shoppers looking for a good gift on a budget.

SHANY Cosmetic Eyeshadow Palette

With up 88 total colors, this set is enough to keep make up lovers busy for awhile. It’s also full of natural, everyday colors and perfect for layering and highlighting.


Command Display Ledges

These Command Ledges stick to your wall and support up to 2 pounds of weight. Great for a housewarming, they give any room a modern look without damaging walls.


AstroAI Tire Inflator & Pressure Gauge

Optimal tire pressure is important for gas mileage and performance. This is an affordable tool to make sure you’re tires are always properly inflated.


Scientific Explorer Kids Kit

The activities are fun and more importantly create a good foundation of scientific knowledge. This Scientific Explorer Kit will help kids learn and foster curious minds in a way that few toys can.

Retevis RT628 Kids Walkie Talkies

Whether building a fort or playing cop and robbers, they add to the action and allow kids to interact with each other. They can also act as sort of a trojan horse. With an additional walkie talkie, you’ll also be able to monitor your kids.


Battleship With Planes

As a board game, Battleship with Planes provides a way to boost critical and strategic thinking skills in a fun package. Kids will pick up the rules pretty easily after a few games.