Can I Buy Meta Quest Gift Cards? | Gifting Quest Games

As there is no Meta Quest Gift Card, there’s often confusion about the best substitute. You can still gift Meta Quest games. We’ll break down all your option for gifting Meta Quest store content.

Can You Buy a Gift Card for The Meta Quest Store?

Currently, Oculus Quest gift cards are not available. However, this does not mean you cannot gift Meta Quest games or apps. You can purchase and gift a Quest or Quest 2 game for someone via the Quest store relatively easily.

How Can I Gift a Meta Quest Games?

Meta Quest does not have an option that allows you to send a gift card directly to others. However, there is an alternative. You can send a Quest store gift your family or friends. Here are steps you must follow to gift Meta Quest games and apps.

  1. Find the app or game you want to gift.
  2. Click on the option of purchasing for a friend. This option is usually on the right sidebar beneath the price option.
  3. Enter the email address of your friend or family member.
  4. Add a personal message to the person who will receive the Quest gift.
  5. Enter your payment method using debit card, credit card, or PayPal to finalize the transaction.

Once the transaction is finalized, the code to redeem the Quest gift and the message will be sent to the recipient’s email address. They will then be able to redeem the code in the Quest store.

Sending A Quest Store Gift

With the Quest Web store or mobile app, you can easily send your app or game as a gift. Before purchasing the gift, ensure you are buying for the appropriate device.

When sending an Meta Quest gift via the Quest web store, you need to open the Oculus web store in your browser. Select the app or game you need to send and click purchasing for a friend. Then enter your friend’s email and an optional gift message. You will then be prompted for payment to finalize the transaction. The code to redeem the gift and your message will then be sent.

Redeeming A Quest Store Gift

After receiving your gift from a family member or friend, you only need to follow a few steps to redeem your gift. You must ensure you have your email with a code of 25 digits. Make sure you are logged in and follow these steps to redeem the Quest store gift:

  1. On the Quest store, find the app or game you were gifted
  2. Click the option to “redeem gift” on the right side of the screen
  3. Enter your gift code to redeem the game

You now own the Quest store app or game and can play at your leisure.

Is Oculus the Same as Meta?

The change from Oculus to Meta is mostly for branding purposes. Much of the same functionality has remained. When Facebook (Now Meta) bought Oculus, the process began to change many aspects of the Oculus brand to Meta. That included name changes the much of the hardware and software. For example, the Oculus Quest 2 is referred to as the Meta Quest 2. The actual devices are identical to one another.


Even if you can’t buy an Oculus gift card, you can still give the gift of Oculus. While the process is a little cumbersome, it’s possible. Especially if they own Quest 2 or a Quest VR headset. They can then receive an email to redeem the game immediately on their Quest headset.