How Much Should A Gift Card Be For A Baby Shower?

How much should you spend on a baby shower gift card? It’s a question we get a lot. Nobody likes being a bad gift giver. What makes sense? Is a gift card a good baby shower gift at all? We answer all your questions.

What’s An Appropriate Amount For Baby Shower Gift Card?

$25 to $50 is generally an acceptable range for a baby shower gift card. Gift-giving etiquette for baby showers varies for different regions. It also varies based on the relationship you have with the mom-to-be. Expecting parents send baby shower invitations out to everyone from a close friend, family member, or co-worker. This is an appropriate gift card amount for most and a great way to show support for the parents to be. Babies are expensive. That is the case for new parents or those expecting a second or third child. There is always more money parents must spend on a baby.

Is A Gift Card A Good Baby Shower Gift?


How much to spend is always a question when pondering baby shower gift ideas. This can be made easier with a baby registry. Unfortunately, new parents don’t always have baby registries. It’s also possible all of the baby gear on a registry has already been bought. That’s great for the mom-to-be. It’s not great for people that still want to give a baby shower gift. This is just one of the reasons gift cards work great as a baby shower gift.

Not all those who receive baby shower invitations can attend. Traveling to baby showers isn’t always possible. Unfortunately, baby showers aren’t always planned as far in advance as weddings. A baby shower gift card is very convenient for those who can’t attend a baby shower in person. They can also be delivered to the parents to be inside a greeting card for a personal touch. Good baby shower gifts lessen the burden on expectant parents. Having a baby can be a stressful experience. A gift card delivers on that objective and alleviates some of those stresses. Baby gear is always needed. There will always be a need for more practical gifts like baby clothes, toys, diapers, etc. Or maybe the mom-to-be wants to put it toward other big-ticket items!

What Kind Of Gift Cards Should I Buy For A Baby Shower?

Baby registries offer the biggest clue for the ideal baby shower gift card. If the expectant parent picked a store for their baby registry, it’s likely a gift card will be of use. The mother-to-be will typically select a store that is convenient to her. That could just mean it is close by. Or it could just mean they have products they prefer. Either way, they’ll be frequenting that store. Why not allow them to use the gift card where they got their other baby shower gifts?

There is also another reason why this works so great. Baby shower gifts often come with a gift receipt. This is a caring gesture that makes the process of exchanging or returning items simple for the parents-to-be. This is normal when the new baby might need another size or an entirely different item. Or when you were gifted two digital thermometers and only need one! It also means the parents are even more likely to be returning to the store (online or in-person).

There are a few other good options for stores to find baby gear. General stores like Target and Walmart are great for a plethora of items. You’ll find everything from diaper cream to car seats there. Stores like Carter’s, BuyBuyBaby, and OshKosh B’Gosh also work well. They will have a larger concentration of items specifically for babies. All these places offer gift cards and a ton of useful products for the new mom and dad-to-be.

Conclusion: Gift Cards and Baby Showers

Gifts cards definitely make a great baby shower gift. You can feel comfortable giving the new parents some extra cash and the flexibility to buy essential items for the new baby. And $25 to $50 is a perfectly acceptable range to target. There are so many things children need. Trust me. Any help will be greatly appreciated by the new parents-to-be!