Why Subscription Boxes Are Great Gift Ideas!

Have you considered subscription boxes for your next gift idea? Many don’t realize how much a subscription box can offer as a gift. Whether it’s a birthday or holiday, subscription boxes offer many of the elements that typically make a good gift. In this article, we’ll explain how subscription boxes work and why they can make the perfect gift idea.

What is A Subscription Box?

Subscription boxes are products that are typically sent on a monthly basis. Companies distribute a box that includes activities or items based on a particular interest. This could be anything from monthly mystery boxes to monthly products for your pet bird. They allow people to connect with a unique niche and receive related items or activities on a recurring basis. This has numerous benefits and there’s no surprise that it’s an industry that has seen great growth in recent years. Everyone loves expressing their individuality and subscription boxes allow people to do just that.

Why Subscription Boxes Make Such Great Gifts

They say it’s the thought that counts when it comes to a gift. Gifting a subscription box is an opportunity to really think about someone’s interests. What do they enjoy? What are their favorite hobbies? There’s so much variety to ensure that you’ll be able to find the right fit. Subscription boxes exist for beef jerky, loose tea, self-care, scrapbooking and more. There’s literally something for everybody. In some cases, you may have the opportunity to introduce them to something they didn’t even realize they would like. Like vegan beauty products for a makeup lover or Mexican candy for a foodie.

Buying a subscription box as a gift means more than thought in your initial decision. Subscription boxes are carefully curated to ensure they provide an experience that keeps customers excited. They also want to make sure they don’t lose customers. For this reason, customers can expect variety and an evolving experience. Most people have existing interests and subscription box companies know they must bring new learning and products to keep them enticed.

Subscription Boxes Work Great For Groups

While many couples or families spend time together, it’s not all quality time. We all have responsibilities that take up our time. It can be easy to resort to low-effort activities like watching television at the end of the day. Subscription boxes can fill a void by providing monthly intrigue for the entire family or partners. It helps that many subscription boxes are geared toward group activities that are great for families. That includes subscription boxes for baking kits or escape room games. These are also great activities for couples who can’t go on dates as usual and want to break the monotony of a usual night in.

The most obvious reason subscription boxes are so convenient is that they can be delivered and experienced at home. They allow people to try new things without sitting in front of a television or computer. Allowing people to engage in a different way will not only be fun. It will bring some sense of normalcy. Many of these subscription boxes bring experiences many would typically go out for into your home. Experience new cocktails from the comfort of your home or bring with bookstore to you with new coffee and books every month. Most importantly, it can all be done from the safety of home.

Are Subscription Boxes Worth It As Gifts?

Want another reason you should consider gifting a subscription box? Subscription boxes as gifts are actually more convenient than you might think. Many people assume they’ll be stuck paying a monthly fee, but that’s not the case. Subscription companies often offer 3 or 6-month packages. This is great for two reasons. First of all, you’re not sticking the person who receives the gift with a bill. You can gift them the experience for a set amount of time and give them the option to continue. On the other hand, it helps to control costs. Let’s say you’re willing to spend $60. You now know you can gift a subscription box that cost $20/month for 3 months. Discounts are often offered for these packages too.

Gifting subscription boxes have one other obvious advantage. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. You have likely received lackluster gifts and great ones. The receiving of the gift is actually pretty exciting on its own. With a subscription box, the person receiving the gift experiences that initial excitement multiple times. Studies have actually shown that anticipation is actually one of the best parts of a vacation. Why limit the anticipation in gift-giving? When you gift a subscription box, they will experience that anticipation and look forward to that gift every month. They will get that same excited and curious feeling they get when they open a present over and over again. It’s literally the gift that keeps on giving!

Where Can I Find More Subscription Boxes?

There are several options. You can search for them on sites like Cratejoy.com. They have subscription boxes across a ton of different categories. They also sell gift cards which you can gift and let others pick their own box. If you’re looking for more specific guidance, check out our guides. Larger online retailers like Amazon also offer subscription boxes now too. This might be the better option for those who don’t want to put their billing information on multiple websites.

FAQs: All About Subscription Boxes As Gifts

How Much Do Subscription Boxes Cost?

Subscription boxes can typically cost anywhere from $10 to $40 dollars. Subscription boxes that require more specialty or premium products can exceed $50.

Are There Subscription Boxes For Kids?

Yes. Multiple companies offer boxes specifically geared toward kids. Most are either toys or educational in nature.

What Goes Inside Of A Subscription Box?

Subscription boxes are typically niche products that offer different curated products on a monthly basis. A beauty subscription box might offer various types of lipstick, makeup, hair products, etc. This will vary based on the niche of the subscription box.