Great Gift For Fitness Lovers – Weight Gurus Body Fat Scale


Weight Gurus Bluetooth Bodyfat Scale


The Weight Gurus Body Fat Scale tackles one a very important aspect of fitness (tracking progress) and it does it well. Everyone needs it, making it a great gift for fitness lovers because it won’t go to waste.

The Good:

  • Easily sync all your information to companion app
  • Captures several essential fitness data points
  • Integrates with several popular fitness apps

Good For:

  • Fitness Lovers
  • Health Nuts
  • Busy People

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Weight Gurus Body Fat Scale Features:

  • Measures weight, BMI, body fat, muscle mass, water weight and bone mass
  • Data is synced via bluetooth and tracked with companion Weight Gurus app
  • Integrates with many fitness tracking apps (Fitbit, Google Fit, Apple Health, etc)
  • 4 precise weighing sensors to ensure accuracy of +/- 0.2 lb

If you lead a fit lifestyle, you typically know exactly what you need to accomplish your goals. Whether it's sticking to an effective exercising regime or a balanced diet, the cards are on the table and execution is key. That's the easy part, right? HA. We all wish. This is where all having the right tools and resources can help immensely. Which leads us to the Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale and it's companion app.

Tracking Your Fitness Progress

Keeping up with an exercise routine can seem like a grind a times, but we come to enjoy it. The adrenaline rush from a great run or a lifting session is unbelievable. What's even more rewarding? Results. Progress. It's impossible to meet your goals if you can't see progress. The Weight Gurus Smart Body Fat Scale tracks (along with the app) progress of all the below data points:

  • Weight
  • BMI
  • Body Fat
  • Muscle Mass
  • Water Weight

So imagine for a second, you've been on a new grueling workout routine or a new diet for several months. You wake up from a good nights sleep and you feel great. You know you've made progress, but wonder just how much. Most of us use anecdotal information in these cases or think about what we weighed back then. If you're lucky, maybe you wrote it down or entered it into an app. Weight Gurus Smart Body Fat Scale solves that problem. Automatically.

Weight Gurus App

While the Weight Gurus Smart Body Fat Scale displays the data, it's connected features are the real star here. Anytime you step on the scale, it auto detects the user and shows your data. When your ready to sync your data, simply open up the app when within range of the scale. That's it. All your data is synced and now can be accessed via the app at anytime. No more wondering how much weight you've shed or using the mirror test to decide if you've packed on the muscle.

Within the app you'll have the access to the all your past weigh-ins. Want to know what your bodyfat was in November 2017? No problem. A graph that shows how much weight your lost over the course of the year? No problem. A constant reminder of how much progress you've made toward your goal weight? No problem. If you're like most fitness lovers who have existing apps, your also in luck. The Weight Gurus app integrates with many popular apps like Fitbit, Google Fit, Apple Health, etc. Once set up, these apps will automatically sync your data from the Weight Gurus app.This provides a seamless experience when it comes to tracking your progress. Don't panic when your Fitbit app congratulates you on meeting your goal weight! They aren't spying on you!

Why its a Great Gift For Fitness Lovers

The Weight Gurus Body Fat Scale handles one very important aspect of fitness (tracking progress) and it does it well. This is also a need of anyone who works out, no matter what part of the journey their own. Everyone needs it, making it a great gift for fitness lovers because it won't go to waste. We all move at a faster pace these days and this scale and it's companion app doesn't just track the data you need. With it's integration features, it will sync the data where you need it to go, taking the manual labor out of tracking your progress.That's a gift anyone, not just fitness lovers need and will use.