Subscription Boxes For Kids: The Perfect Gift

Have you considered gifting subscription boxes for kids? Subscription boxes are somewhat of a new concept. They allow people to connect with a unique niche and receive items or products related to that niche on a recurring basis. This has numerous benefits and there’s no surprise that it’s an industry that has seen great growth in recent years. Everyone loves expressing their individuality and the internet allows people to connect with like minded individuals. Gifting subscription boxes to kids is a great idea for those same reasons and more.

Why Subscription Boxes Make Great Gifts for Kids

They say it’s the thought that counts when it comes to a gift. The process around selecting a subscription box is only the start. With several options available in today’s market, you are more likely to find something geared exactly toward the person you’re shopping for. Some of the most popular toys available are recommended for a wide age range. On the other hand, subscription boxes are typically targeted toward a more narrow age group.

In addition to age, many kids subscription boxes target different interests. Here’s a great example. Have a 7 year who loves computers? BitsBox is a subscription box that delivers monthly projects that teach kids 6 to 12 how to code. Bookary targets kids ages 3 to 7. Every month they send a picture book, a kid friendly baking recipe, a baking tool and more based on that month’s theme. If you can think of it, it exist. Trendy and chic items for teens? Check. Just complete a survey and get your own personalized box? Check.


Developmental Benefits of Subscription Boxes for Kids

In our connected world, it can be difficult to keep children focused and interested. Not all activities on a phone are bad and all TV shows aren’t garbage, but variety is important. Keeping them engaged in other ways is important to cognitive and social development. Subscription boxes for kids aide this process greatly by allowing for ongoing exploration. This is true whether you’re talking about a toddler learning numbers and colors or a teenager who likes engineering.

These boxes are curated on a monthly basis for the same purpose, but for a unique experience. A geology subscription box may have taught about rock hardness and luster last month. This month they’re covering magma and lava. This ongoing journey simulates a curriculum in the way that it builds a diversity of knowledge around one thing. This type of learning is much better for engagement and long term interest. That engagement is one of the best developmental benefits of subscription boxes.

Other Benefits of Gifting Subscription Boxes for Kids

Want another reason consider a subscription box for a kids gift? Subscription boxes as gifts are much more convenient than you might think. Many people assume they’ll be locked in to continuously paying. That’s not always the case. Many Subscription box companies sell 3 or 6 month packages. This is great for two reasons. First of all, you’re not obligating the person who receives the gift (or their parents) to continue paying fees. You can give them an experience, with the option of continuing it if they find the value. On the other hand, it helps to control cost. Say you’re only comfortable spending $60. You now know you can target a subscription box service that cost $20/month for a 3 month package.

The last reason you should consider gifting a subscription box for kids is an obvious one. Subscription boxes are literally the gift that keeps on giving. You’ve likely received lackluster gifts and great ones. The receiving of the gift is actually pretty exciting in itself compared to the actually enjoying the gift. With a subscription box, the person receiving the gift experiences that initial excitement multiple times. Studies have actually shown that anticipation is actually one of the best parts of a vacation. Why limit the anticipation in gift giving? When you gift a subscription box to a child, they will experience that anticipation and look forward to that gift every month. They will get that same excited and curious feeling they get when they open a present over and over again. It’s literally the gift that keeps on giving!

Where Can I Find Children’s Subscription Boxes?

There are a ton of options. You can start by searching for them on sites like They have subscription boxes for kids along with a lot of other categories. They also sell gift cards which you can give away and let others pick their own box. If you’re looking for more specific guidance, check out some of our subscription box guides.