How Much Gift Card For School Bus Drivers?

We all know it’s nice to give gifts to show appreciation but how much? For example, how much gift card for a bus driver is appropriate? A small gift or gift certificate is a nice holiday gift to show people you care. During the holiday season, we’ll go over how much money it makes sense to put on a gift card for bus drivers.

How Big Of A Gift Card For Bus Drivers?

Bus drivers, like many service workers, have a thankless job. The general consensus is that a 10 to 25-dollar gift card is a good amount. A small gift card like this makes a great gift to show appreciation during the holiday tipping season. Cash tips are also great, but gift cards can sometimes be much more convenient. Feel free to give more money but most people see a $10 to $25 as a good amount.

Why Give A Gift Card To School Bus Driver?

Gift cards make good gifts

It’s customary to give gifts in many situations. Many people spend time searching for the perfect gift for their friend or loved one. Christmas and other holidays are also a good time to recognize other people in your life you appreciate. For this reason, many people will give a gift for service workers to show appreciation. These gifts typically go to people like mail carriers, garbage men, teachers, and of course bus drivers. Some people give homemade cookies, candy, personalized holiday cards, or a holiday tip. Cash tips or gift cards are a popular option for many. People just like to have tipping recommendations to know what is appropriate or socially acceptable amount is. Why? Giving too little may come off as cheap. Many people also would rather not give too much. It’s possible it can make the person receiving the gift card uncomfortable.

It may seem silly, but I believe it comes from a good place. Bus drivers have a thankless job. They should of course receive a thank you more than once the entire year. How much do you tip a bus driver for Christmas or the holidays? 10 to 25 dollars in cash or a small gift card is a nice extra step to show they are appreciated. They do more than watch your children. They shuttle a lot of children back and forth to school for the entire school year. And they keep them safe along the way. Keeping these kids safe is of course their job. That doesn’t mean they can’t be appreciated by a parent in another way. Small gifts during the holidays serve that purpose.

What Gift Card Should I Buy A Bus Driver?

Coffee always works!

You should always buy a gift card relevant to a person’s interest or needs. Luckily, there are some gift cards from stores with a broad selection of products. A gift certificate from a place like Target, Amazon, or Walmart will always be of value to a Bus Driver. It’s also nice to target a gift with a more personal intention. Bus drivers wake up early to shuttle kids for the entire school year. An early start with coffee or food on their stomach makes life easier. A gift card to a coffee shop like Starbucks or Dunkin’ would be nice.

Coffee shops provide bus drivers a quick chance to grab a pastry, muffin, or cup of coffee before they pick up kids. No need to make breakfast at home or purchase with your own funds. There are negative side effects to skipping breakfast even if we’ve all been there. A $15 Starbucks gift certificate is one less thing a bus driver would have to worry about for a couple of days. It’s a nice and thoughtful personal touch for a Christmas or holiday gift.

Conclusion: How Much Gift Card For School Bus Drivers?

In conclusion, gifts don’t have to be complicated. How much should a gift card be for a school bus driver? $10-$25 is a good range. What kind of gift card is best for school bus drivers? A general gift card is always fine, as long the gift card balance is used. A small gift card with some intention is even better. Of course, this is always easier if you know a little about the person.

A little thought and intention go a long way. Bus drivers deserve to be appreciated. School is an integral part of the community for families. As a parent, it’s always nice to recognize those who assist our families and keep them safe. That includes school teachers too! Happy gift giving!